Youth Sports Center (Peace Corps Secondary Project)


As many of you know, in addition to teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am also involved in youth development work in my community, with a focus on healthy lifestyles. In that vein, my Ukrainian counterparts and I have organized and submitted a grant proposal with the intent of providing the local youth sports center with much needed equipment (from sports equipment to heating units.) Please take a look at the project, and if you’re able to, donate! Even if you’re not personally able to donate to the project, please forward the information to anyone and everyone you think would be interested in being part of this undertaking!

(PS I will be promoting this project endlessly until it’s funded, so be prepared!!)

Peace Corps Ranks Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges and Universities

The University of Colorado Boulder, The George Washington University, and the University of Mary Washington lead our 2012 rankings of the top Peace Corps Volunteer producing colleges and universities. Each of the universities held the premier ranking for the large, medium, and small in 2011.

Director Williams announced the top volunteer-producing colleges and universities  at the University of Colorado Boulder, which outpaced other large universities with 112 undergraduate alumni currently serving as Peace Corps Volunteers overseas. In the medium school category, The George Washington University ranks number one for the fourth consecutive year, with 78 undergraduate alumni serving overseas. And, for the second year in a row, the University of Mary Washington topped the small school category, with 29 undergraduate alumni currently serving as Volunteers.

The University of Florida holds the top spot in the graduate school category this year with 30 currently serving Volunteers holding master’s degrees from the school. It was in second place last year. Historically, the University of California, Berkeley maintains the number one all-time rank, with 3,497 Peace Corps Volunteer alumni.