In all corners of the globe, “girl power” is a potent idea that has been transforming societies for many generations. From the economy to public health, female empowerment is a key element in the progression and evolution of any developing society. For this reason, Peace Corps has made Gender and Development a worldwide initiative. Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) is a camp that has been held internationally in Peace Corps countries, and February 2014 will mark the third year it is held in Paraguay. Camp GLOW Paraguay includes motivational speakers, engaging activities on sexual education, self-expression, creativity, goal setting, value formation, gender roles and personal identity. With your support, our dream to fund Camp GLOW 2014 can turn into reality for this year’s motivated participants! Please unite with us in the movement towards female empowerment in Paraguay! To donate, click on the link below! Thank you for joining the cause!

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"It’s comforting to know that we’re all going through the same thing. No matter what kind of a front someone puts up, they’ve still got the same worries as I do. And not just here in El Salvador, but Peace Corps around the world. There are Volunteers all over the world that are missing their families, dealing with communication issues, sh***ing their pants. We all experience “what the hell” moments, but it’s all part of an incredible experience."
- Meghan
PC YiD El Salvador 2013 (via arielinelsalvador)

El Salvador Youth in Development 2013 PCV Volunteer Unity