[July 6 - 9, 2013]


Peer Support Network [PSN] members took the newly arrived G9 to various PCV sites to “demystify” them about Ethiopia and how PCVs work / live.

I took 5 lovely ladies of G9 to Bahir Dar first (a large and beautiful city) then to Woreta, Courtney’s town [G7] in Amhara region. (Inge [G6] and Caitlin [G8] also live in Woreta and joined us!)

In Bahir Dar, we visited Sarah’s English classroom, where she teaches 20+ OVCs [Orphans and Vulnerable Children] everyday. Her class was amazing to say the least! Sarah showed us some of her class routines, and later we all danced together. They prepared a buna ceremony for us as well, and we took in the aroma of buna roasting all morning.

After observing the class, we had lunch and headed to Woreta, where we spent 2 full days- exploring the town, the market, making family lunch, eating out, having tea/coffee breaks, sharing our various PCV life and work stories, as well as visiting Courtney’s home and schools, and meeting faculty members.  

On our last day, we went back to Bahir Dar and got to see their Camp G-GLOW in action!  I was so grateful that my G9 girls got to see a wide range of activities PCVs do at site.  And all the PCVs that were in Bahir Dar and Woreta were wonderful- answering questions, preparing things for our demyst group! We all got back safely to Addis on the 9th. One of my girls did get a bacteria infection at the last day, but I hope it was a helpful and fun experience for my group. It was definitely rewarding for me as their demyst group leader / PSN mentor.  

Now all of G9 are at Butajira, going through their Pre-Service Training. Best of luck to you all, and I can’t wait to see you again in September before you swear-in.

[THANK YOU SO MUCH: Courtney, Inge, Caitlin, Sarah, Aaron, Joel, Leah!!]

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