The preparations for drinking “stone ground” kava in Lekavatmel Village, Central Pentecost island, Vanuatu.

There are several different ways to prepare kava, many places simply use a Chinese made meat grinder.  The grinder is very efficient but lacks any “character”.  Stone ground kava is much more labor intensive, makes less kava to drink but the shells served with ground and hand mashed has a different flavor, and a much thicker constancy.  This combined with the freshly pulled kava from Pentecost created a great kava high when drunk.

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"It’s comforting to know that we’re all going through the same thing. No matter what kind of a front someone puts up, they’ve still got the same worries as I do. And not just here in El Salvador, but Peace Corps around the world. There are Volunteers all over the world that are missing their families, dealing with communication issues, sh***ing their pants. We all experience “what the hell” moments, but it’s all part of an incredible experience."
- Meghan
PC YiD El Salvador 2013 (via arielinelsalvador)

El Salvador Youth in Development 2013 PCV Volunteer Unity