Peace Corps, PEPFAR and Global Health Service Corps Launch Public-Private Partnership to Boost Training for Health Professionals in Developing Countries

The Peace Corps, the U.S. Presidents’ Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and the Global Health Service Corps are launching an innovative public-private partnership to place nurses, physicians and other health professionals as adjunct faculty in medical or nursing schools overseas. The Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) will address health professional shortages by investing in capacity and building support for existing medical and nursing education programs in less developed countries. The new program is expected to begin in Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda in July 2013. Participants will serve in the Peace Corps Response program for one-year assignments. 

I wasn’t sure how my background in business could be useful in dealing with HIV and AIDS. But by teaching business skills to women impacted by the pandemic, they were empowered to create viable businesses that could sustain them and the people who depended on them.

Peace Corps Volunteer Stephanie Saltzman
Zambia, 2003–2004
Uganda and Kenya, 1998–2000