"Our dream is to see our organic, award winning specialty coffee transform our community by increasing family income, providing jobs and helping community members reach their potential.”

Peace Corps Volunteers Santi and Kayla Proano, who worked with their community in Ecuador to develop a coffee tourism program

(Source: volunteerecuadorcoffeeworks.com)

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"I think these photos sum up the Peace Corps Aquaculture Program, in that by teaching people how to raise fish they are able to provide themselves with a sustainable protein source that can increase health."

Peace Corps Agriculture Volunteer Chris Kelly, who served in Zambia from 2001-2003, helped his community build these fish ponds to help introduce more protein into their diets. The child holding the fish is most likely suffering from Kwashiorkor Syndrome, which is a severe protein malnutrition that affects children.

(Source: collection.peacecorps.gov)

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