Bislama Word of the Week: Tabu


Tabu adj. forbidden, prohibited 2. holy 3. n restriction, prohibition 


I hear “tabu” when:

Sitting on mats under the mango trees when my niece Marinette tries to eat a leaf or a pencil or my brother’s toe. “Tabu” can be used to mean “No”.

I hear “tabu” in church- Papa God, Jesus Son, mo Tabu Spirit. “Tabu” can also mean “Holy”.

I see the “Tabu Tri” the Namele on the Vanuatu national flag- it is a sign of peace, or when seen wrapped on poles and stuck in the water as a sign of “this is a fish sanctuary, keep out”

I hear it when referred to Mr. Ora, the man who drives a truck to the airport. He is my “Tabu Abu” which means that I am not allowed to joke around him, refer to him by his name, or touch him. 

I see “tabu” written on the wall of the school’s workshop, I suppose either it is either a holy workshop or forbidden.

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Happy 1st day of Summer! Here are some examples of the fun and empowering camps that our Volunteers are organizing around the world for girls and youth of all ages this Summer. 


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Pulaar Proverbs (My Favorites) (via mikadoo)

Baasal warataa kono na tampina

Poverty does not kill but makes one tired


Si bahe cumɗi gooto fof ñifata ko waare mum

If the beards are all on fire, each person must put out his own beard


ɓe nengasa ɓe ne nguuba yaajay kono luggidtaa

If some are digging and some are burying it will be wide but never deep


Mawɗo ina jooɗoo yi'ii cukalel ɗaroo roŋku yi'ude

A seated elder sees what a standing child misses

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