Youth Sports Center (Peace Corps Secondary Project)


As many of you know, in addition to teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am also involved in youth development work in my community, with a focus on healthy lifestyles. In that vein, my Ukrainian counterparts and I have organized and submitted a grant proposal with the intent of providing the local youth sports center with much needed equipment (from sports equipment to heating units.) Please take a look at the project, and if you’re able to, donate! Even if you’re not personally able to donate to the project, please forward the information to anyone and everyone you think would be interested in being part of this undertaking!

(PS I will be promoting this project endlessly until it’s funded, so be prepared!!)

Kickstarter Campaign for Life Without Lights!


I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next two chapters of my Life Without Lights project - with the goal of getting the work in front of policy makers, as the UN has made 2012 it’s year to focus on energy access. Donor rewards include prints, solar lights from D.light Design, and more, especially for those of you in the energy sector. Please have a look, re-post, and consider contributing. Thanks!

Pulaar Proverbs (My Favorites) (via mikadoo)

  • Baasal warataa kono na tampina
  • Poverty does not kill but makes one tired
  • ***
  • Si bahe cumɗi gooto fof ñifata ko waare mum
  • If the beards are all on fire, each person must put out his own beard
  • ***
  • ɓe nengasa ɓe ne nguuba yaajay kono luggidtaa
  • If some are digging and some are burying it will be wide but never deep
  • ***
  • Mawɗo ina jooɗoo yi'ii cukalel ɗaroo roŋku yi'ude
  • A seated elder sees what a standing child misses