"I love the ocean and have shared that passion with kids in my community. The potential for tourism and economic development exists here, but a focus on coastal conservation is needed to realize that potential."

Peace Corps Education Volunteer Patrick McGettigan, who recently organized a three-day Ocean Fair in Mozambique to promote coastal conservation

(Source: peacecorps.gov)

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Peace Corps Volunteer Greg Plimpton is trying to preserve local culture by helping to protect an ancient burial site near his Peruvian village. Plimpton, known by his community as “Goyo,” has been raising awareness around the importance of the site since July 2012. Now, he is working with fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, the Peruvian government and Stanford University archeologists to orchestrate an archeological dig and build a museum and visitor center adjacent to the site.

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"Our dream is to see our organic, award winning specialty coffee transform our community by increasing family income, providing jobs and helping community members reach their potential.”

Peace Corps Volunteers Santi and Kayla Proano, who worked with their community in Ecuador to develop a coffee tourism program

(Source: volunteerecuadorcoffeeworks.com)

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